Who we are

ALMA IPS is a private, non-religious and non-political institution that offers a transdisciplinary service, through the Therapeutic Community and Ambulatory Program model under the Minnesota model, a professional service oriented to people with addiction problems and/or associated behaviors.

The prevention exercise in these areas is carried out as a whole. We are members of the Municipal and Departmental committee for the prevention of consumption of psychoactive substances SPA.

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Our Objective

To approach integrally and objectively the addiction problem in its different phases, carrying out prevention and intervention, generating viable strategies for the recovery and social reinsertion of the individual.

Love, respect for people's dignity, responsibility, commitment, quality, service, loyalty and honesty are values that distinguish the people who belong to ALMA IPS.

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Holistic Approach

We found the

Integral balance

for a correct therapeutic treatment considering the background and the different aspects that make up the person.

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