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It is the medical specialty dedicated to the study of mental disorders of genetic or neurological origin with the aim of preventing, evaluating, diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating people with mental disorders and ensuring the autonomy and adaptation of the individual to the conditions of his existence


Through its various approaches, psychology explores concepts such as perception, attention, motivation, emotion, brain functioning, intelligence, thought, personality, personal relationships, consciousness and unconsciousness. Psychology employs both quantitative and qualitative empirical research methods to analyze behavior.

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Nursing is a profession that involves the care, autonomous care and collaboration of human health. Nurses are dedicated, in broad terms, to treating the potential or actual health problems that a person presents.

General medicine

General medicine constitutes the first level of medical care and is essential for the prevention, detection, treatment and monitoring of stabilized chronic diseases, taking responsibility for the patient as a whole, to decide on referral to specialists when any pathology is decompensated.

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Social Work

We promote social change and development, social cohesion, empowerment and liberation of people. The principles of social justice, human rights, collective responsibility and respect for diversity are fundamental to our social work.

Occupational Therapy

Through activities applied for therapeutic purposes, we prevent illness and maintain health, evaluating behavioural assumptions and their profound significance in order to achieve the greatest possible independence and reintegration of the individual in all aspects: work, mental, physical and social (promoting the maintenance, development or recovery of the person's independence).

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